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re: TQC and understeer

i found that the major problem with my '85 tqc was the understeer with the
diffs locked.  up-sizing the front tires could have helped i suppose, but
ultimately the torsen on my s2 certainly solved the problem and makes the car
much more neutral. it also solves the problem bob spoke about in the wet and
leafy season. so the tqc upgrade from hell for the usa-spec cars would be a
torsen implant i guess. before selling my tqc, i even made some enquires about
doing it myself. i couldn't banish the thought of a rainy night, dave driving
too hard around a corner, the diffs aren't locked, and i loose traction on my
inside front wheel. those who have tqc's without torsens have undoubtly
discovered the tqc "tank-slapper", as i did :-|

still i found the s2 responded very positively to upsizing the tires on it to
225/50's all round (same size as the s4).  the yoko a008's have a very positive
turn-in and so almost banish understeer until the time when you're starting to
leave brown stains on the seats ;-)