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Re: Gee... I have a lot of questions... ;-)

Glen Powell Said:

>  You will need the Bentley manual to back up your stock claims for 
>  Solo II GS class. I'm not sure when the Ur-Qs started coming through 
>  the 15x8" wheels, '84 perhaps and fer sure by '85. These are the 
ones you
>  want *if* they are legal for your year Ur-Q, dunno if you can update 
>  the 15x8" legally in Stock. The Bentley does document the 15x8" 
>  fer sure. 
As long as all the Ur-Q's are on the same line in the Solo II rule book 

then you can Up/Back-date all parts as needed...  Kinda why the 911 do 
well in Street Prepared.

Just had a silly thought.... You might want to use those 8" wheels up 
front and stick with 6" or 7" in the rear....  Might help to kill some 

The update/backdate rule is for Street Prepared, not stock class.  You 
must run with wheels available on your car from the factory witht he 
options that were associated with it.

Steve Verona