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Re: Gee... I have a lot of questions...

> You will need the Bentley manual to back up your stock claims for SCCA
> Solo II GS class. I'm not sure when the Ur-Qs started coming through with
> the 15x8" wheels, '84 perhaps and fer sure by '85. These are the ones you
> want *if* they are legal for your year Ur-Q, dunno if you can update to
> the 15x8" legally in Stock. The Bentley does document the 15x8" wheels,
> fer sure. Having the Bentley manual is key to heading off protests. I
> think you will find that the Ur-Q is reasonably competetive in GS. I
> *KNOW* you will have FUN!

Thanks glen!
Wheel size cannot be updated/backdated in stock classes :-(
I have the 84 4000/quattro Bentley manual, and yes that's one of the places 
it says that size wheel was available.  Unfortunately, I pretty sure by 
looking at other sources, that only the 15x6 was available for the 83.  If 
anyone has _any_ factory data that explicitly mentions a 15x7 or 8 for the 
83 QTC, I would be interested in it.  THANKS!   ---JCG