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Re: Coolant for 5kTQ???

>          I am probably going to flush out the radiator this weekend, and repla
>ce the lower radiator hose, so I need to get some new coolant.  I was thinking
>of getting the Autobahn OEM coolant from the dealer, but then I thought that
>maybee y'all would know of a better product that would also be cheaper.
>          As far as I know, tho coolant just has to be Phosphate Free, right?
>I heard some people reccomend Sierra.  What about Zerex?  How good are these pr
>oducts....as compared to the Autobahn coolant?  I do not live in an area that
>has harsh winters....but, it get's very hot here during the summer.
>          Any advice is appreciated.  TIA.
>                                                        Later,
>                                                        Dan
I you are having to deal with a lot of heat, I would recommend (regardless
of which coolant you choose) finding your local RedLine dealer and
purchasing a bottle of Water Wetter.  I use it along with Sierra coolant and
it keeps the cooling system VERY efficient.  I'm not sure how much it costs
as I was given the bottle I used.  
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