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Re: Where oh where....

C The Ur-Q "idleJaontrol valve" inon the back of =he head in a har7 to see
  locat?on and looks like no other Audi idle control valve that I have
  seen, it's not th typical 1" diamu6" long cylinderL I've R&Rd mine 
  try to diagS)se an idle prob??m in the past, ?{ made no differ@bce if
  that suPker was in thereuor not, but I re?nstalled it. ChrQs Sanborn (Pro
  Rally Ur-q) just removed his totally, said it was not really need
  'course hens n?t running w ?/C.<.... My idle?pro?lem turned oEt to be a
  vacuum leak at the multi-way hose on the rear top of the cam cover, the
  boost/vacuum valve in there got "blowed up" running excessive boost.
  Careful assy and tightening of the clamps seems to have resolved that
  little problem. Idle remains rock solid.