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Antifreeze Components

For those of you who are concerned about using a phosphate-free 
antifreeze to avoid damage to the aluminum components of your 

I went on an expedition yesterday to various parts stores to check 
out what's there.  I found that sometime in the last year or so, the 
manufacturers have started listing the components of the antifreeze 
on the labels!  This was NOT the case on the two-year-old Zerex 
bottle I had at home.

In most cases, a component containing phosphate was listed - EVEN if 
the label said "Protects all engines - even those with aluminum".  
But by checking the labels, I was able to find antifreezes without 
any phosphate component listed.  Usually these were about $1 more per 
gallon, but big hairy deal...who cares.

I personally selected the Prestone 4/60 extended use antifreeze which 
was clearly labeled "Phosphate Free".  It's supposed to be good for 
four years or 60K miles.  I don't run that much milege even in six 
years, but I decided the extended use rating wouldn't hurt.  The 
stuff ran about $7.50 per gallon.

As always, YMMV.