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Re: Faulty memory lapses

At 9:01 AM 11/3/95, PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 95-11-03 08:41:21 EST, you write:
>>The knock sensor is one of those stored codes.  However, if experiencing an
>>intermittent fault which is not one of the stored codes, when the light
>>goes off the code is gone.
>The ck engine lite should store ALL codes during your current driving cycle,
>that is to say, if you perform the test before you shut the car off (after

You may be right...but I seem to remember somewhere that they cleared when
the fault cleared.  Then again, I don't remember clearly so you may be

>you got the ck lite), you should get the fault code.......   That circuit is
>pretty accurate, and simple.....  Did you try the operational cycle of the

Is that where you insert and remove the fuse a few times and the computer
starts cycling through various devices...on-off...on-off...etc.?  I have
not done that recently, no.


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