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Porsche minivan????

      From Automobile Magazine - Oct. 1995:

           "Does every carmaker have to offer a minivan and a sport-utility veh
icle these days?  Aparently so.  Porsche is expected to announce a high-perform
ance version of Europe's Ford Galaxy and Volkswagon Sharan joint-venture miniva
n.  The Porsche would be built with the Ford and VW in Portugal, with final ass
embly at Zuffenhausen.  It would get uprated brakes, a sport suspension, flared
 fenders, a new fascia, and a unique interior.  The likely engine is a turbo VW
 VR6."   - Georg Karcher

             Sounds pretty ludicris, huh.  A Porsche minivan....truly an oxymor
on.  What next?  I just hope Audi doesn't join in this fad of selling out your
companies heratige for a broader market base.

      Also from that same issue of Automobile Magazine:

             New Audi A6.  No, really. :

             "The current Audi A6 may be little more than a rebadged 100, but a
new version of Audi's mid-sized sedan is under development and is set to be unv
eiled at the 1997 Geneva auto show.  It should reach North America by mid-summe
r.  The sedan will be joined by an Avant (wagon) considerably more spacious tha
n the current model.  ...

               The A6 will use the multi-link front suspension that works so we
ll in the A4 and the A8, but won't use the A4's compund rear axle.  Instead the
 A6 will employ an independent rear suspension.... Side airbags for the front a
nd probably also the rear doors are expected.  ...  The only powerplant headed
for the United States is an updated version of the current 2.8 liter engine tha
t will have five valves per cylinder and 193 bhp.  This engine will step in for
the 172 bhp unit in the A4 available in July 1996.  The new A6 will be availabl
e only with the five-speed automatic recently introduced in the A4.  ...

               The S6 arrives in January 1998 to complete the U.S. lineup.  It
will pack a turbocharged, 30-valve 2.7 liter V-6 making 265 bhp, mated only to
a six-speed manual transmission."  - Georg Karcher

               I'm a little dissapointed that the new A6 will only be available
 in an automatic, and that there is only one meager engine available.  But, the
 1998 S6 sounds very promising with a 265hp 30-valve V-6, all wheel drive, and
a six speed manual transmission.  Hope you enjoyed the info!