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'bomb' and thermoswitch Q (5000)

I'm thinking about attacking the 'bomb' replacement in my 87 5000S. Could
anyone whose done it advise of any wierd things to look out for.

As in disconnecting the hoses to the 'bomb'. Are they pressurized so that
the person lying under the car will be liberally lubed with Pentosin when
loosening the hoses.

What are the sizes of the Hose connectors? I need to know when I go to
liberate more of Sear's tool dept. stock. (Metric Hose wrenches)

Another Q.
The lowly Haynes manual states that the thermoswitch for the fan SCREWS
into the radiator body under the engine-out coolant hose. What tool is used
to unplug/unscrew the connector from the radiator. I can't access the lower
thermostat cover with my ratchet 10mm wrench with the damn switch in place.

It was getting dark and the switch was slippery with coolant. (Sound
familiar. At least it wasn't snowing at the time) I tried yanking and
feeling for any latches but couldn't get the rubber boot of the connector
off. I didn't try too hard. I want the fan to kick in and didn't feel like
buying a new radiator if I bust this one.

Thanks for any insight.

Off to buy some jack-stands so I can bleed the hydraulic system after I mess up.

BTW, Haynes said to wash screen of hydraulic reservoir in 'petrol' (gas)
before reinstalling?!??? Do I have to do that before making my Pentosin

Also what have experienced hydraulic jockeys used to 'plug up' the return
hose after disconnection. Shaved corks from bottles of Beujolais( it's that
time again).

Ernest Wong