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Re: Audi A4

Every review of the A4 I have seen has said that the 30 valve V^ will 
show up "sometime in '97."  The 20 valve 1.8 turbo 4 cyliinder is 
supposed to be available "sometime in '96."  At this point, the press 
indicates that the turbo 1.8 will carry a lower base price than the 
current $26,500.

On a personal note, I driven about 5 A4s now in both front and Q 
configurations.  I really do like that sized platform and the cars really 
do appear to have been put together well, but for me the lack of low end 
power (really do get tired to getting blown off at stoplights by people 
in Maximas, etc.)and a much too light clutch will cause me to wait for 
awhile.  Maybe Ned and jo hoppen can devote their considerable talents to 
the A4 and we can get an A4 that is a thinly disguided mini-S4/S6.  Yea!

Bill Murin
87 4KCSQ