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Re: No "High flash"

> There is a special $0.89 part (which for the life of me
>I cannot remember the name of, again) available at most EE/techie stores
>which is basically a "tiny flexible file" with a grit approaching that of
>crocus cloth (very VERY fine - you can't really feel it as grit, just a
>kinda of grippy surface that wears down your fingernail if you slide it
>along far enough) or jeweler's rouge. It is expressly for cleaning "Relay
>Contacts" and switch contacts and the like. Stick it inbetween the two
>contact "buttons", pull the switch closed, pull the "file" out. Repeat
>several times, and *poof* clean contacts. Be careful to pull the "file"
>out straight and perpendicular to contacts... (you want to keep the two
>contact surfaces flat and polished where they meet each other)


	I believe this "tiny flexible file" is called a "burnishing tool" at
least that's what we've always called them in my family. This is a good idea
for the weak Audi switch contacts; I think you're on to something here. Thanx!!