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Re: S6 wagon for sale

thanks for posting the info.  thanks also to the other person who posted
the info on the new A6/S6.  i think that with the announcement of the
265bhp twin turbo V6 for the next generation S6 as well as the new multi
link front suspension, the current one is now truly obsolete and will
probably depreciate quickly from its $48K price.  good news for bargain
hunters as well as the cutting edge fans.  i for one will hold on to my v8
until the new twin turbo s6 wagon hits these shores.  

with an extra cylinder and 600cc's of displacement, i wonder how much
power it wil make if boosted to 2.15 bars.  wonder what ned will get out 
of it.  sluuuurrp! 

audi of america better not &*^%$ it up again this time!!!