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Re: Pressure Accumulator

> From: ScottB2460@aol.com
> Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 20:58:47 -0500
> I just replaced my "bomb" with a new one.  I have the old one in my trunk.
>  Is there any rebuilder supplier who would be interested in my old one.  I
> have noticed postings about the pros/cons of buying used/rebuilt pressure
> accumulators.  I would like to get a little money back after spending about
> $300 for my new one.  Appreciate any info.

$300? Is that for a new one?

I just checked this morning as my car has begun to buzz and flash the
brake warning in the mornings, this is the bomb, yezz? It also came on
when I was waiting for the train to pass and I pumped hard on the
brake about 12 times with the engine at idle.

My VAG dealer wants SEK 4.5K (~ US$ 700)!

My temp gauge sender is also flaky, SEK 875 (~ US$ 135)!

They sure aint making it easy to be an Audi owner...

How much are these at Carlsens?