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Re: Air shrouded injectors ....WAS:(Re: CS injector?)

   > I doubt it.  I think the 5kTQ uses air shrouded injectors, if I'm not 
   > mistaken, whereas the UrQ uses the older technology non-air shrouded 
   > imjectors.  Since the Mercedes injectors plug right into the UrQ, I 
   > would assume that would mean that they are not air shrouded.
   Actually I think that the injectors that are used with the air shrouding 
   are very similar (if not identical) the previous ones.  The air shrouding 
   effect is provided by the intake manifold and the inserts that hold the 
   injectors in place.  

Yup, same injectors, different $5 brass "thingies" to hold the injectors.
The new head for my '83 UrQ is configured for the air-shrouded injectors,
pulled the old injectors and plugged 'em in. Just blocked off the "air
feed" for the shrouding (I kept thinking how convenient that would be for
a nitrous feed into the engine NO! NO! Stop that!)