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Re: 1990 Quattro 5cyl-20valve

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Armand Abundis wrote:

>  Hello!  I just bought a 1990 5cyl-20valve and am loving it.  Are there   
> any specs listed on the www that anyone knows about?  (ie: torque, hp,   
> wheelbase, etc...)  Because the owners manual was missing...(suprising   

I have a 1990 100 (non Q, therefore 10 valve) and so I can give you
the wheelbase and other specs. Let me know if you do not find them
on the Web and I'll bring my owner manual to work. The engine specs I 
cannot help with. I have a owners manual (it is for both Q and non-Q)
and it is pretty helpful IMO. Maybe you can quickly read thru' one at 
a dealer.


> because this vehicle had only one owner...oh well).  But I am extremly   
> happy with my purchase...heck, I'm the only one in town with a newer   
> quattro, and it's bright yellow at that!  Thanks!
> Armand Abundis
> AAbundis@durand.com