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Re: Stereo Service

 > My 89 200TQ has the Bose system.  I have no idea if its ever been serviced
 > like one does on their VCR, however I feel the clarity for my cassette's are
 > not as good as they should be, and sometimes when I put a tape in the Bose
 > plays the tape at a really fast speed.  I always eject the tape and put it
 > back in, which then plays it at normal speed.  
 > I went to Radio Shack and purchased the typical cassette cleaner (tape and
 > liquid drops one put on the cotton tape heads).  It did make them black, so 
 > I
 > assume it cleaned the heads.  Still, I can not tell the difference and the
 > "speed" situation still occurs..  

Did you also clean the capstan (pinch) roller? That roller would be going
at the right speed of the motor controller is working. If the tape slips (due 
to oxide deposits) at that location, it will play faster. If the mechanical
linkage that applies the "pinch pressure" is sticky (losing lubrication), 
it may not apply proper pressure after one of the tape insertion cycles.

If the take-up spool is "weak", the deck will "eat" tapes (get all slack).

All these are common problems. Oxides flake off and high temps will cook 
the lubricants and weaken/harden belts and rubber-edged idler/transfer 
wheels. It's a tough call to decide on taking it out and give it a tune-up,
but if you do, it shouldn't cost too much more to replace all the rubber
components and re-lube (after the cleaning part). That will make it a lot
more trouble-free later.

Others reccommending demag and azimith adj. for fixing loss in highs are
on target. Also, avoid keeping tapes in a hot car.

I quickly replaced my (Blaupunkt?) radio in the '86 5KS. No highs, amp
overheated, ate tapes. The aftermarket unit ($199) sports a removable
faceplate and is CD ready. Don't know much about how good the Bose units

-- Eddi