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Re: Intermittent tach on 93 A90 V-6

SELECTTRA@aol.com wrote:
> Once every several days tachometer inop from startup to destination.

I have the same problem with my '93 90CS. Every so often when
I start 'er up, the tach is dead. Mine comes right back to
life if I hit a rut in the road or by simply giving the dash
a thwack right over the instrument cluster.

I dunno whether the tach is just sticky, or if there's a loose
connection. Mine doesn't do it very often, so I've been waiting
for it to go out completely before complaining to the dealer
(still have 9 months of warranty left...)

Sorry, no help, just comiseration....


(P.S. Say, you wouldn't happen to have demonic front-end shakes,
would you??? ... :-(