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Service contract

I JUST purchased a gem of a used 1991 Audi 200S Turbo sedan, 57k miles, new 
brakes & tires. The dealer said I could purchase a Service Contract (through 
Warrantech Automotive) for 3 years/36k/$100 deductible at $1603.00. I have 
not been impressed with service contracts, typical dealer service, etc. on 
one hand, but I understand an Audi is a high maintenance vehicle prone to 
expensive repair. It will be used as a family car, maybe 7-9k miles/yr, 
driven (calmly) mostly in the city, and I expect to attend to maintenance 
items (3k mile oil/filter changes, 15k tune-ups, etc). Can anyone help me 
evaluate this? recommendations/suggestions?

I used to do almost everything mechanically on my 1973 Datsun 240Z; it 
needed a lot & I had a lot to learn. I have not been "pumped" about a 
vehicle since the Z until now. I am interested in tending to as much of the 
repair as I can handle. Unfortunately, I barely recognize much of whats in 
the engine compartment. The electric window switch on the passenger front 
needs replacement. That along with oil changes, etc. should ease me into 
working on the car more and more. Any advice/recommendations? I have read 
much of the archive info.--fabulous!

Why do so many mechanics laugh when you suggest purchasing an Audi? They 
feel "maaarrveluusss."