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All that dam air

In a message dated 95-11-07 13:18:35 EST, you write:

>Though my GT doesn't have an air damn/front spoiler, I have had a 
>          few BMWs that did have the Alpina spoilers mounted on them, and I 
>          think the mileage actually increased (though not drastically, but 
>          when you live in Germany and gas in roughly $4 a gallon, little 
>          improvements in mileage you notice.....).  Same thing happened to 
>          my Lancias as well.  These were pretty unnoticeable front 
>          spoilers, not the Darth Vader looking things you see on Maximas 
>          and Escorts here in DC.
>          Cell

And the one he has is prolly 2in lip spoiler, not the Vader model.......  And
if you look behind it and the frontal area of the tires, it SHOULD increase
your mileage Mike

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