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Re: A6 Quattro Availability?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Spiers say:

> I've been tryin' to con a friend into buying one of the new A6's.  We went to
> the dealer yesterday to look 'em over, and found five or six A6's, but no
> Quattro's.  The schmuck we talked to seemed to indicate they didn't really plan
> on getting any A6 Quattro's in, something about not much availability or
> something.  Now, if I can con my friend into this A6, I'll be inheriting (for a
> small fee of course) his '87 5kTQ, pearl, w/ Fuchs rims & sport seats, suede
> leather interior.  I'm quite motivated here.  Anyhow, is the sales jerk just
> giving the runaround on the Quattro's 'cuz he wants to sell what's on his lot,
> or is there really a shortage of the A6 Quattro's?  My friend would prefer the
> S6 Quattro, but spending more on a car than he did on his house (20 years ago)
> doesn't really appeal to him, plus you can't find the dumb things anyhow.  Any
> clues on the A6 Quattro's?  TIA!

Up here, my dealer in Massachussetts has plenty of A6 Quattros.
Wagons and Sedans. No availability problems here.

I suspect your guy just doesn't seel many, so he didn't order many.


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