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S4 maint

I have a '93 S4 and am approaching the end of the 3yr/45Kmi
maintenance agreement.

I think it would be wise to come to my last service well prepared with
items to fix/check.  I believe I will have some leg to stand on if I
asked them to specifically check something in the event that it fails
withing the next 6 months to a year.

I would really appreciate some input from other S4 owners (and 100q
owners ?) on what problems have occurred in the 3rd-4th year of

My car runs as good or better than the day I forked out the big bucks.
The only problems so far have been cosmetic (temp guage sticks on
occasion, CD player problems).  The only real problem has been
fighting off my "friends" who want me to sell it to them ;-)