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88-5000S Climate Control System

A few months back, the fan on my automatic
climate control system surged a number of times,then
stopped.  For a while I thought the fan had died, but
a few weeks later, it came on for one day, then stopped
again.  The rest of the system seems fine, I can feel the
heat (or cool) building behind the dashboard when I set
the temperature appropriately.  The control computer reads
01/00 (no electronic errors), when queried.  I replaced the
appropriate relay and checked the fuse.  

This is one of those problems where each component of a 
system seems fine, but the whole system doesn't work.

If anyone has any suggestions on what might be the cause,
or where I could get it fixed in the Boston area, I would
be thankful.  I have been told that the climate control
system is actually built by GM (AC/Delco).  Do GM dealers
work on these systems?  Several of my current (and good)
Audi mechanics won't touch the climate control system

Thanks, for your help.  Scott Gongwer (gongwer@tiac.net)