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Re: Anyone else notice MPG's changing ???

On Wed, 8 Nov 1995 LToy@aol.com wrote:

>In years past, winter blends meant
> something different--specifically different volatility/vapor point and
> slightly lower octane level, especially in the nortnern climes (this is
> probably still true today).  

hmm, if the octane of winter blends is lower than that sold in the
summer wouldn't it be illegal to keep the same octane rating sticker
on the pump?  you can't lower the octane of the stuff you sell without
announcing the fact.  

> I am somewhat suprised that you see that much drop with your '86 4kcsq--your
> car doesn' have the engine management systems that respond to fuel
> differences. 

any car that has an OXS will experience a drop in mpg when using the
oxygenated crap.