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Re: Catalytic Converter - BAD?

In a message dated 95-11-08 17:50:16 EST, you write:

>Also, the Meineke operator (pun intended) tried to sell me a new catyltic
>converter because mine (170k mi) is loose inside and could break off a
>small piece of the innards and damage the muffler.  Anybody shed any light
>on this?  I think he was being an "operator" and wanted $$$$.  

Well, he might not be all that wrong. But his reasoning is off base. Usually,
if there is some rattling around inside (ie something loose inside?), it is
the "substrate", which is the guts of the converter. The guts of the
converter should be one solid piece. If you have some loose pieces in there,
your converter has died. It has gone through a meltdown. Sometimes/often a
meltdown occurs because it has been exposed to an over-rich fuel condition.
(I suppose also because of "old age", which yours is at 170k miles?) If it
was because of an over-rich fuel mixture, you will kill the new one as well
if you don't correct the problem upstream. It may not be the case re: yours,
but I figured I'd give you the warning. May be worth checking out.

So, he may be right in suggesting that it needs to be replaced. But not
necessarily because it will do some damage to your muffler. Probably 'cuz the
converter is no good.

It all depends upon what he is saying is "loose inside". A second opinion may
not hurt.
(Has the car been running any different? Will it pass an emissions test? If
the converter is really "shot", you would probably notice a difference in the
way it runs.)

Anyway, just my thoughts, based upon what I've heard/read/seen.
Good luck!!
                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S
      Titanium Grey/Black Leather

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