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Audi v8 lights

From: colin cohen <102621.2256@compuserve.com> To: John Firkins
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The headlights on my 90 V8 have a misty coating on the inside of the glass.
They have removable lenses so its an easy job to clean once removed. The
question is can you get them out without removing most of the front of the

Connect a flexible tube to the place where the bulb lives, after removing the
bulb/lamp. To the other end connect with duct tape, a hair dryer. Run the hair
dryer at a moderate temp. to avoid melting the whole contraption. Run the hair
dryer for an hour. This will vaporise the moisture and expell it under
pressure. Replace the bulb while the whole apparatus is warm. As it cools the
rubber seal around the lamp, will permit a partial vacum and prevent a
recurrence when the lamps are on in wet weather.

It worked for me, but WATCH THAT TEMP. NOT TOO HOT



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