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FS: '90 200TQ - $7000 - Iowa City, IA

There's a '90 200TQ for sale in the Iowa City, IA area - $7,000.  It is
(or was) pearl white, black interior.  The car's finish is pretty badly
scratched - the family that owns it apparently couldn't think of a way
to keep their (farm) dog from jumping all over it.  I know I could have.
Must have been a tall dog - some of the glass is scratched as well.

The car has roughly 110,000 miles (47,000 prior miles on an engine
replacement done within the last month or so) and feels fairly solid.
Could make a nice beater.

I looked at it as a replacement for my '82 coupe (speedo stuck at
137,000 since '87) which is getting a little long in the tooth.  But
I'd like to find something a little nicer on the outside.

Don't have the owner's number with me today, but if you're interested,
give me a call evenings at (319) 338-2899.

Gib Copeland
'82 Coupe
'91 200TQ