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Re: I am a cheese!!

At 02:07 PM 09/11/95 -0600, you wrote:
>  Jeremy R King commented in a message about a very nice 87ish 5000CSTQ 
>he had seen around campus (thankyou!). He then proceeded to call the 
>owner a cheese and said that the car should be confiscated. I am that owner.
>  First off, the reason the car looks so good is because I maintain 
>it like crazy. I doubt that Mr. King could do a better job in maintaining 
>it. I appreciate the quality of the engineering and construction of 
>the vehicle just as much, if not more, then anyone on this list. 
>  A little about the car. It is an 86 5000 CSTQ silverish grey with grey 
>interior. It has 140,000 miles on it, and everything works (it did not 
>when I first bought it).
>  I realize Mr. King was just jealous but he should be careful how he 
>judges people.

At the risk of offending, I do not think that Jeremy called you a cheese
because of the manner in which you maintain your automobile.  In point of
fact, I think he admires the manner in which you care for you automobile
given his comment that it was one of the nicest he has seen.  Rather, I
believe that he called you a cheese because you stated that you did not
subscribe to the group, and I quote. ".... because there are too many
messages" which is sole purpose for the existence of this group!

In any event, thanks for telling us about your car and we are glad to have
another audiphile join us!