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Re: is 8 normal ? - yes

In a message dated 95-11-10 03:41:13 EST, you write:

>	Hi
>		Manufacture figure for 0-62 mpgh of my car (S4 automatic)
>	is 8.3 sesconds ..far behind the manual's 6.8
>		With the new chips I clocked it my self and the result 
>	is around 8 seconds..I think with high performance chips . It
>	should one it in around 7 sec.
>		Do yo think 8 is normal for 270 hp. ?   Why it isn't
>	much faster than stock.
>					thanks

You should have got a baseline for YOUR car with your driving style in your
climate with the old chip.....  Manufacturers claims are just that, how 'bout
"marketing" claims......  You might not be brake torquing the converter on
your launch (or making that claim in 40 degree morning with high humidity,
etc), I suspect Audi did......