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Re[2]: quattro mods

     Thanks for your very detailed and informative reply. I strongly agree 
     with your conclusion, that like quite a few other things in life, you 
     get what you pay for.
     The first thing I will be doing is purchasing new shocks and springs. 
     My '85 has been lowered and has a very stiff spring/shock setup, great 
     on smooth roads but a bit of handful going over tram lines. What I 
     would like to achieve with the rebuild, is suspension a little bit 
     lower and stiffer than stock. I know some one who is selling a set of 
     springs from an '84 TQC (probably been used for 3-4 years). The '84 
     springs will lower the car about 1 inch, which is what I am lookinhg 
     for but I am very dubious about installing any "used" suspension 
     components particularly with the effort involved in taking the 
     suspension to pieces?
     I heard the Eibach lowering springs are probably to stiff for a daily 
     driver (which this car will be!) and I am strongly inclined to buy a 
     shock/spring kit from UK with maybe H&R spings and Bogee shocks? I 
     think the Bogee shocks are the oem ones? 
     Installing the shocks and springs will be an important milestone so 
     that I can get the car rolling again and out to a paint shop.
     Thanks and regards, Mike
     p.s. You didn't seem concerned about any advantages in going for a 
     later year engine with knock sensor?