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New address

Hi Y'all,

They're making changes around here.  I have a new account and address.  It's
enough similar to my old one but also enough different to possibly make
troubles for anyone trying to contact me.

Please note the following (if you care):

Old address:   rmyers@olie.wvitcoe.wvnet.edu

New address:   rlmyer@wvit.wvnet.edu

Sorry to be a bother.

   *  Robert L. Myers  <rlmyer@wvit.wvnet.edu>              *
   *  Chair, Department of Chemistry, WVIT                  *
   *  Home:(304) 574-2372        Office: (304) 442-3358     *
   *  Obligatory references for Quattro and Sleddog Lists:  *
   *       My Huskies like to ride in my '89 200TQ.         *