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Warped rotor, bad bearings, or ??

An interesting situation reared it's head in the '80 4KS the other 
night.  As you would drive the steering wheel would shake violently and 
the wheel felt like it was going to fall off.  (I did check this, 
everything is securely attached.)

I thought at first that it might be the right front brake rotor being 
warped and/or the caliper piston locking, but couldn't find any evidence 
of this when I pulled the wheel off.

It was mentioned to me that it could also be the wheel bearing going 
bad.  Does this sound like a viable option?  If so, what kind of cost are 
we looking at?  (both for parts, if I do it myself; or is this something 
better left to a trained mech?)

TIA for suggestions and input.


Gary Erickson -- '85 Coupe GT
Hilary Tombaugh -- '80 4KS (5 cyl)
Kristy Kalanges -- Audi Driver in Training

Find us at: erickson@teleport.com