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Re: need mechanic in San Jose

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> hill, or M&M in Campbell. The dealer in San Jose has been unable to fix a
> rattle in the rear door of our wagon for two years, so I would stay away with
> any significant problem.
... sometimes rattles are the most difficult problems to resolve.  I would 
not dismiss a dealer for that reason alone.  I assume that you are referring 
to Anderson-Behel Imports in San Jose.  Since I now do all of my own work on 
my cars I can't say how good or bad they are today, but I was extremely 
pleased by the service that I received when I went there.  The staff was 
very professional and they made a point to clean the car up better than it 
was when they got it.  You did pay dearly for the opportunity however.

All that now said, the one service advisor who was most helpful to me per-
sonally (Dave VanDerwerf (sp?)) recently passed away from cancer.  I find 
the other service advisors not too willing to discuss problems unless I'm 
going to have them work on the car.  

As I mentioned to you in a direct e-mail before, I have heard good things 
about M&M Audi Haus.  I understand that New Dimensions does work on Audis, 
but I know of a person who took his qtc in for them to service the FI (I 
think that's what the problem was) and it took them a long time to complete 
the work and he wasn't really satisfied overall.

As usual YMMV.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)