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Re: Timing belt breakage

In a message dated 95-11-10 22:53:15 EST, AUDIDUDI@delphi.com writes:

>The 1.6 and 1.7L 4-cyl motors are of the non-interference type but the later
>1.8L motors (with 10:1 compression) will usually stuff a valve into a piston
>if the timing belt breaks at much above idle ... I'm not sure about the 1.8L
>motor (8.5:1 compression) used in the '84 4k, though.

You're safe with that one Jeff, it's the 16v's and the diesels that go
BTW, I just sold a set of intake valves and a head gasket set to a gentleman
who wasn't looking forward to next week-end with his Passat 2.0L, ouch...

-Chris Semple