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Plastic Radiator Repair

Here is a trick used by the sport-bike guys who are forever repairing VERY
expensive plastic body work:  After the normal cleaning of the surface, use
glue. When dry, build a small cone of boric-acid powder around the pieces you
are joining and dribble more super glue on it.  Apparently, some kind of
reaction takes places and the powder hardens into a "fillet" that is as
strong as the original plastic.

At least I THINK it is boric-acid.  Or maybe it was baking soda?  Geez, I'm
not sure.
Anyway, bike shops that cater to the racer crowd will have plastic repair
kits that should do the trick.  Expoxy simply won't work on plastic.  Neither
will JB weld, which
is an expoxy, too.

Actually, I like the other suggestion that came in:  Tap and fit a brass
fitting.  I think
I'd use silcone around if for a seal.

- Carl D.