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Re: *I am a cheese!!

In a message dated 95-11-10 12:30:15 EST, you write:

>         Just FYI, all 5000CS quattros are turbos, and 5000S quattros are
>non-turbos, the S and CS denote whether it is a turbo or not.  Also, all 200
>quattros are turbos, and all 100 quattros are non-turbos.  The '91 200
>(turbo quattro with the 20V motor) will have no badging on the rear deck,
this is
>how you tell these from a 10V 200 quattro.

The V8 also has no rear deck badging and, from the rear, looks like a '91
Audi rear badges remove easily--heat/dental floss, etc--no holes to fill, so
an owner wishing to be less self-conscious about their lowly 5000 could have
some fun with the unsuspecting/unknowing.  I'd never intentionally do it ;)
but I did leave the badges off a 4000 years ago after they'd been "removed"
by a vandal.  Porsche has a badge delete option and I know some 525i owners
who've removed theirs--making it harder to distinguish betwee a 525i and a