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Re: please make my dad ...

>> 	Hi ,many of you did some heavy mods. to your Audi turboes.
>> 		My dad believe that making the 230 hp. car into 310 hp.
>> 	will cause some troubles later.
>> 		Anyone who do susch major mods. and has the good result
>> 	,the car still survive ,please let me know.
>> 		emm..and what parts are most affected by additional power.
>> 	piston ? head gasket ? or something ? please let me know.
>> 		I want 310 hp.,but I don't want to make my dad a headache,
>> 	too.
>> 		Please make me and dad feel confident to mods. our car.
>> 				thanks a lot.
>> 				Ben.
>Ben, I have made a lot of mods to my 83' TQC and I can only assume that I 
>am running in the 300 hp range (I have never had it on a dyno). I have 
>only put 3k miles on the car scince a very, very thorough rebuild. So far 
>I have experienced no adverse side effects on any internal component. The 
>only thing I have experienced scince the modifications were done was a 
>hugh smile on my face! I would however strongly suggest that you have a 
>second car to drive. I personally would never use the beast as a daily 
>driver. I just love it though for a weekend blaster! If you have any 
>further questions please let me know, I would be happy to answer anything.

Ben's (Plural of Ben??) I'm one of the guys running big HP's, Been doing 
it in my Daily Driver for the last year and have covered 34,000 Miles in 
that time with absolutly no engine troubles.  Consumed more gas than a 
un-modified 5KCSTQ, but other than that and the MAJOR Smiles NO Trouble.  
I see no reason not to use this car as a daily driver.  Now onto more 
HP's......  Right Scott?!?!!?!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com