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Re: VW + Audi

Actually, audis and vw's have always been closely tied together.  The 
Audi 4000, for instance, is a VW Quantum.  Look at the sticker on the 
bottom corner of your window, notice it says VW AND Audi.  It was only 
recently that the two companies' cars departed from each other in design, 
and i'm not suprised they are joining back up together.  Its a lot 
cheeper for VW to have fewer platforms to manufacture, and VW owns Audi, 
so why not use a really good chasis?  It all makes sense, and I don't 
think sharing chasis with VW will degrade Audi in the least.  In fact, I 
think the VW VR6 is a much better engine than Audi's V6.