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Re: AC coolant phaseout (LONG)

On  9 Nov 95 at 6:20, Larry Mittell wrote:

> Being an upstanding, law-abiding citizen who is rightfully proud of the fine
> young persons of the EPA, I would *never* advocate using an outlawed
> refrigerant, or ending a sentence with a preposition, for that matter.
> There is a FAQ on the subject of propane/isobutane as a refrigerant lurking
> somewhere in the bowels of the Net.  I suppose that a budding eco-gangster
> might conduct a Yahoo or Webcrawler search on the keyword "Freon" to locate
> it.  I'm sure that no one here would do so, and all will join with me in
> condemning such environmental hooliganism.  Wouldn't want to wind up with a
> hole in the global warming layer, you know!  ;-)
I think propane/isobutane actually BOOSTS ozone, rather than 
depleting it.  The problem is, boosting ground-level ozone results in 
smog.  I know this is oversimplifying what happens, but I'm pretty 
sure that's the end result.

I'm generally pretty complacent about environmental protection, but I 
don't appreciate your "wink wink, nudge nudge" attitude about the 
propane/isobutane conversion.  If you do it to your own car, that's 
one thing, but you're providing this information to who knows how 
many people, essentially with a big grin, saying "here ya go, but, 
uh, *I* didn't tell ya to do it."  And for A/C?! That's a luxury for 
most North Americans!

I don't want you to feel like I'm jumping down your throat.  Just 
know where I stand on this.

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