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5KQ wheel bearings

I'm trying to locate a cheap source for wheel bearings for my 5KTQ.
I paid $83 each for bearing kits from Carlson Audi about a year and
a half ago, and I don't want to do that again. So, I called a local
bearing supply house and gave them the FAG bearing part # and he crossed
it to a standard 6208 bearing. Apparently these are commonly stocked
and go for (ready?) $19.70 each!  :-)  I'll be going there at lunch
tomorrow to compare it with the stock bearing I extracted previously.

BTW, I think my rears are getting noisy, but after driving to NYC,
Columbus, OH, and Toronto on three of the last 4 weekends, I haven't
noticed any increase in the noise. I'd like to make any necessary repairs
before going to the Maine Forest Rally in December...


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