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Re: Clutch life

Hairy green toads from Mars made Lynn Smith say:

> >	I have 175k on the original clutch.  This is far more than my
> >experience in lesser autos (Datsun & Mazda).  Is this normal?  Anyone
> >else with similar or greater mileage? 
> My '84 4ksq has the original clutch at about 175k also.  I think this is
> pretty amazing, but I've heard of others with similar tales.  I'm dreading 
> the day (it will come eventually) I have to replace it.

My last Golf ran 120K until I replaced the clutch. It still had
at least 25K left on it, but I wanted to get it replaced.

My current 100Q has 113K on the original clutch, still going strong.


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