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81 coupe

I recently found this list and have been really impressed with the level 
of help it makes available to audi owners.  Last year I bought a nice 
well running 81 coupe and now I'm looking to get more performance out of 
it.  According to the recipts, it received a rebuilt 1983 5 cyl 
engine in 1989, apparently after the timing belt broke :), and I was 
wondering about the differences between 81 and 83 engines.  Also, are 
there any performance kits still available for my engine, any suspension 
upgrades available?  What is the newest and best engine I could put in 
there?  The ac compressor is dead and I like to just remove the 
whole ac system.  How much can I remove without losing the heater, and 
how would I go about it? 

BTW has anyone heard about using a dwell meter to find exhaust CO levels 
on cars with K-Jetronic.  According to some fuel injection books a dwell 
meter hooked up to the frequency valve on the 4 cyl scale should give 
back 45 deg. when CO is at the proper level. This sounds useful, does it 

Arthur Runyan