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Re: vr6 and the competition

thought i'd wade in with my thoughts on the engine debate...

re: bimmer v8's vs the audi ones. 

you guys are talking apples and oranges here because the audi v8 you're dealing
with is the old one, developed 5 years ago.  the new one, to all press accounts
is *much* better and of the same technological age as the bimmer 3 and 4
litres.  the a8 also has the 3.7 litre version of the 4.2 one.  now the s6 with
the 4.2v8 would be a nice rocketship.  instant throttle response and 280

re: vr6.

i think that the issue here was mainly to do with packaging.  it was developed
with the narrow "v" angle to optimise space for coupe (corrado) and hatchback
(golf) applications.  audi didn't have the same requirements.  but i bet that
the a3, if it is to get a v6 option will get the golf one.