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More weird start problems

Well, kind of.

I've got the *warm* (not hot) start problem in my '81 4k.  The
problem, though, seems to be flooding, not lack of fuel - at least
this is what I concluded b/c of the cloud of petrol smoke when it
finally catches after I drop the wiring off the C/S injector.  My
question:  I never have this problem when hot, only after leaving
the car for maybe 4 hours;  if it's the thermo-time switch staying
closed all the time, why does it start ok when hot?  Is this b/c the
excess fuel vaporises faster & therefore isn't a problem?  Has anyone 
had a problem with a ther/time switch going closed circuit all the 

Also, once started, there seems to be something funny in the vacuum
system which is affecting the idle speed.  When I step on the gas
when idling out of gear (it's an auto), the revs rise and the vacuum
gauge shows low vacuum (I presume econ gauges were fitted on US
cars?).  If the vacuum drops to the point where the needle on the
gauge rises to the top, when the pedal is released, the idle stays
at around 1000rpm, and the gauge continues to show this reading. 
After 5-8 secs (cold) or 15-20 secs (hot) the gauge returns to high
vacuum and the idle speed drops back to around 800rpm.  At first I
just thought the vac gauge was faulty, but then I noticed the idle
varying.  There was no electronic things (like O2 sensor) fitted to
Australian models to mess with the idle speed/mixture, nor is there
a deceleration valve (correct name?).  Could this be a faulty aux 
air bypass valve?

Any ideas?


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