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Quattro Club U.S.A. -Reply

>>> <neanderthal@ardvark.com> 11/13/95 12:08am >>>
I have no idea how many of you are members of the Quattro Club, but if
you aren't
I would highly recommend joining.
Just thought I would make sure everyone knew about this resource.
                                              Michael Loeks
                                              '86 5kcstq
                                              '84 Toyota Landcruiser wagon
I thought that I would at my cents in.  The Quattro Club looks okay for
those Audi owners who own the Quattro system.  But for those who
own a 1982 or older vintage has to be content with two wheel driven
Audis.  By the way do you just drive the hell out of your cars then repair
them?  I go up the the Chicago Classics in late July at Road America in
Elkhart Lake, Wis.  and I would love to see the foremost Audis there.  I
see that the Ferrari Club, the Jaguar Club, and  the Corvette Club.  I
would think that Audi should show-off the 4 rings a little more at these
functions too.  Anyhow -- happy traveling -- someday I will to come to
the big league of the Quattros.  Until then I am very happy with my '82 
4000S Diesel.

Jordan '82 4000S Diesel