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Re: Double sixes

In a message dated 95-11-14 16:31:37 EST, you write:

>engineering.  nissan already discovered that having a good rear end
>doesn't sell more cars, so they put in something more primitive and
>most importantly, cheaper.  the enthusiasts made the golf VR6 happen,

And an easy engine swap, eliot, and not till the sales units looked good, and
no one is convinced that will last.....

>the same enthusiasts are also making VW >>>>>> correct<<<<<<<< the cadillac
>suspension of the 95 cars.

Lots of corrections from a company that should have front wheel drive in
their pockets.....  Eliot, you have an affection for the vr, I don't........
 That's ok, guess I popped in when I saw you post that the vr should go to
the passat over the audi.......  That is short term thinking, and it is
obvious that carpe diem is your attitude....  My thinking is long term, and
think of the moves you make before you make them, not throwing it out and
revising it......  That's GM thinking, not a european car company struggling
to maintain a line of cars in the US.....  I hardly roll over for anyone, but
without the bread and butter, there are no enthusiasts cars, and that can be
shown with any dealer netword fighting for the hot (hi profit) enthusiast
allocation, american or foreign........