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Re: Audi 2.8 V6 Potential

> Last year my son met with several Audi people to discuss developing a series of 
> performance kits for the 100/A6 2.8 V6 Cars.
> The Audi folks informed us that their Engineers said there was no more 
> displacement to be gotten out of the Motor. ABT has been ok at getting 
> 30 or 40 more Horsies by Head Work, Fuel Injection mods, Air Flow tricks, etc, BUT
> they could not verify if they would ever pass CARB or even the EPA 50K test.

Has anyone here heard of Schmidt Motorsport AG? Or BetaTec Automobile 
Individualitat GmbH?? It sounds like Schmidt Motorsport is very 
experienced in engine tuning during the rallye racing days...