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Re: to Dan from Ben

Dan, sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

In answer to some of you questions; After I added the MB injectors to the 
fuel sysytem, I made no further adjustment (with the exception of the CO 
mixture). Should I have? If yes, what should I have done? Have you done 
these things? 

Also, no I do not have A/C anymore so the cooler now resides in front of 
the radiator, down low so it gets air through the air dam. If I remember 
correctly, it's the 11 row cooler (about 14in. long and 7in. high). It 
works fantastic! I ran the lines from the the I/O, around the back of the 
block, then under the radiator and into the cooler. I had to make all the 
bracketry from scratch, but with a little creativity it worked out fine. 
In the most x-treme case (so far) I saw 230 degrees F. This was running 
uphill at a 110mph for about 6 miles, in 95 degree weather. For the most 
though, It stays around 200 degrees F when I'm just cruzin'around town.

I am still working on the 30 to 60 test, so count me in, but give me some 
more time (about a week).Thanks.

Thanks, Ben
83' TQC
87' 4KCSQ