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Re: Rear Lights

> >I feel all the car makers should stick to yellow/amber color for turning 
> >lights. I mean how in the world does one distinguish between someone 
> >going wild on the brakes from someone who is going to cut into your 
> >spot?
> see if there's 1 or 2 lights flashing!  (and if you can't tell which one
> means which...) sorry, but this one's a bit too ... nevermind.

There are situations where it is not easy to see if there's 1 or 2 lights 
flashing -- like if someone is tailgating the said car, or that car is 
"zooming" through the traffic and put itself in a "tight" spot. If you're 
lane is moving faster the other lanes (quite common), you may or may not 
see the turning light (if they use turning light at all).

And I noticed that a lot of older domestic cars use the same light bulbs 
for turning and stop lights -- if one side burns out -- how would you 
know what that thing is trying to say with single-sided lights?