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Re: high mileage

I have 200k on my 84 coupe GT, also without ever having the head off.  If
they would just engineer the suspension bushings/motor mounts the same
way (I've replaced all the bushings twice, and most of the mounts).  Every 
Audi I've seen in the junkyards has worn out disintegrating
bushings and motor/transmission mounts, so they are definitely "clunkers".

> > Just curious, with all this talk about clutch longevity, about the life
> > of an Audi 5 cylinder.......
> >
> > What's the most mileage anyone has got out of a 5 before pulling the head
> > or/and major rebuild??  I'm at almost 105k and still have good
> > compression/leak down in all 5 pots.  Is 200k out of the question??
> My '84 has around 210,000 on it, motor runs like a dream.  Original clutch too!
>  Most of the 5000's I seee in the yards all still have the motors in 'em.  I
> believe this means that there really isn't a demand for 'em. 'cuz they last
> forever.
> -- 
> -Mike