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Looking for opinions on a 1991 V8 Quattro

I am looking at a 1991 V8 quattro with 78k miles that is for sale in my 
area. Could those persons that are familiar with this model/year car 
provide me with some background on it. This car has a manual 
transmission. Has it been a solid performer? What can I expect after I 
buy it? Is it a good used car to buy? Is it expensive to maintain? When 
can I expect the maintenance costs to escalate? Is the milage a concern? 
Is it worthwhile buying a maintenance contract on the vehicle? What is a 
reasonable price to pay for this vehicle? (Assume it is in good shape). 
How do they handle on snowy country roads?  I have never owned an Audi, 
but have admired them for years. My email address is rfoster@fosters.com.